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Common Ailments


Acoustic Neuroma
Non-cancerous tumor of a nerve in the ear canal. Acoustic neuroma may cause hearing loss and balance problems.

Abnormal or hypersensitive reaction to a substance; may lead to infections in the ear, sinuses, or nasal passages, or to irritations of the throat.

Deviated Septum
Irregularity in the membrane that divides the nose into two sides. A deviated septum may cause snoring.

Epistaxis (nose bleeds)
May be caused by sinusitis or other infections of the nose.

Laryngitis (hoarseness)
Inflammation of the voice box. Laryngitis can be caused by overuse of the voice or by the common cold.

Pains in various parts of the head. Headaches may be symptoms of disease in the ear, nose, throat, or sinuses.

Hearing Loss
Decreased level of hearing due to structural or nerve damage to the ears. Hearing loss may be improved by cleaning wax from the ears or through use of a hearing aid.

Meniere’s Disease
Disorder of the inner ear characterized by severe dizziness, tinnitus (see below), and hearing loss.

Otitis Media
Infection of the middle ear (area between the eardrum and eustachian tube).

Tumor-like masses which can develop from swollen nasal and sinus linings. Polyps may block sinus openings and cause bony erosion.

Salivary Glands
When working properly, secrete saliva to moisten mucous membranes in the mouth. This helps the taste buds taste and aids digestion.

Inflammation or infection of one or more of the paranasal sinuses (four pairs of air pockets in the head); can prevent drainage of mucus.

Loud sounds made in the throat during sleep, especially when the sleeper is on his or her back.

Sleep Apnea
Temporary cessation of breathing during sleep; results from blockage of upper air passages in the throat. Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring and lethargy.

Swimmer’s Ear
Fungal infection of the outer ear; made worse by dampness in the area.

Throat Cancers
Can be located in the tonsil, base of the tongue, larynx, or hypopharynx. Throat cancers may cause earaches; they are particularly common in people who smoke or drink.

Sensation of noises in the head or ears. Tinnitus may be caused by bacterial infection in the ear.

Inflammation or infection of the tonsils. Tonsillitis, if untreated, may lead to middle-ear and sinus infections.

Vestibular Disorders
Problems in the vestibular system which includes the semicircular canals of the inner ear, nerves leading to the brain, and the brain’s balance control center.

Wax Impaction (cerumen ear)
Waxy ear secretions that become hardened and entrapped in the ear canal; can cause pain and decrease hearing.

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